Medical dissertation on drinking warm water, 1689

Medical dissertation on drinking warm water, 1689

Heinrich Meibom. Dissertatio Medica De Aquae Calidae Potu, Quam [...] In illustri Academia Iulia Praeside [...] Dn. Henrico Meibomio [...] Publico examini submittit Brandan Diderich Behrens Wolferbytanus. A. & R. ad d. XXIV. Aprilis Anno MDCLXXXIX. In Iuleo Maiori.


Helmstedt, Georg Wolfgang Hamm, 1689. 4to (17,7 x 14,2 cm). [36] pp.


Plain 19th-century wrappers. Browned, otherwise in good condition. From the library of J.W. Schlegel, with his etched bookplate.


A dissertation on the medical implications of drinking warm water, defended on April 24, 1689, by Brandan Dietrich Behrens, presided over by Heinrich Meibom (1638-1700), a German physician and scholar best remembered as the discoverer of the sebaceous glands in the eyelid that are named after him ("Meibomian glands").


Kritvatsy, A Catalogue of Seventeenth Century Printed Books in the National Library of Medicine, 7699.

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