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An attractive broadside with the schedule of a "beurtvaart" between Amsterdam and the Nieuwediep (Den Helder).


In 1824 the Noordhollandsch Kanaal ("North Holland Canal") was openend, connecting Amsterdam with the Nieuwediep, an important harbour and navy base in Den Helder. Circa 80 kilometers long and 40 meters wide, going through Purmerend and Alkmaar, the canal played a major role in Dutch economy until the opening of the Noordzeekanaal ("North Sea Canal") in 1876.


Already in 1824 Zurmühlen filed for a licence to start a "beurtvaart" (or "bargesdienst") on the canal with two steamships. This was granted in the same year on the condition that the ships and engines be built in the Netherlands, and the paddles placed at the back rather than on the sides to avoid the waves damaging the banks of the canal. 


Zurmühlen used two steamships, Mercurius and Hendrica Susanna, in Spring and Summer sailing as often as six days a week. The broadside lists the prices of transporting freight, sailors and military personnel.

Broadside with the schedule of a "beurtvaart" between Amsterdam and Den Helder

€ 250,00Price
  • Barges. Van Amsterdam naar het Nieuwe Diep. onder directie van J.T. Zurmühlen.

    [Amsterdam?], [ca. 1830].

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