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Most broadsides relate to the so-called 'beurtvaart', a precursor of public transport (beurtships transported not only passengers, but also livestock and freight along fixed routes at fixed prices), while others focus on freight rates, the loading and unloading of cargo, mooring fees, piloting, and the maintenance of bridges and locks.


Intended to be thrown away, these broadside are a rare and important source for Amsterdam's maritime history. Generally the broadsides are in (very) good condition. Most are printed on whole sheets (1mo), while others are printed on half sheets and some even on two whole sheets pasted together. All but one are printed at the Stads-Drukkerij (one broadside printed in Haarlem at the famous Enschedé printing house).


A detailed list of all broadside is available on request.

47 Amsterdam broadsides relating to maritime transport

€ 750,00Price
  • [Amsterdam - Maritime Transport - Broadsides]. Collection of 47 Amsterdam broadsides relating to maritime transport.

    Amsterdam, Stads-Drukkerij, 1802-1827.

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