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Account of the shipwreck of steamship Willem I, wrecked near the Lucipara Islands (Moluccas) in 1837.


The ship, headed for Ambon, was commanded by Lammleth, but after the ship had run aground, command was taken over by one of the passengers, major François de Stuers (1792-1881). Enduring many hardships and having lost much of the cargo, crew and passengers survived 37 days on a small island until they were rescued by Nautilus, coming from Ambon.

Shipwreck of steamship Willem I, lost near the Lucipara Islands in 1837

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  • Schipbreuk van den Gouverneur F. Ridder De Stuers op de Lucipara's den 5 van Bloeimaand 1837. Ten voordeele van de gewonde en zieke militairen.


    Arnhem, T.E. Slot & Zoon, [1837]. 

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