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First edition of Bergasse's pamphlet passionately defending Franz Mesmer.


Nicolas Bergasse (1750-1832), Lyonese lawyer, politician and philosopher, was a disciple of Mersmer and helped him found the Society of Harmony of Paris.


"Bergasse delivered lectures to the members of the Paris Society, and these lectures were distilled into the content of the present book. Bergasse and Mesmer had their disagreements and although in Considérations Bergasse vigorously defends Mesmer against all attacks, divergences of doctrine do nevertheless appear. Within a year after the publication of the book, Mesmer and Bergasse publicly ended their association" (Crabtree).

A disciple of Mesmer vigorously defending mesmerism

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  • Nicolas Bergasse.

    Considérations sur le magnétisme animal, ou sur la théorie du monde et des êtres organisés, d'après les principes de M. Mesmer.

    La Haye, 1784.

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