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As the ordinance notes, the stench of rotting corpses in Gelderland, especially in the hot summer months, was often almost unbearable. To remedy this, the ordinance stipulates that deceased persons who died of scarlet fever ("blutskoorst") and dysentery ("bloet-gank") must be buried within three days. In all other cases, the deceased must be buried within five days in summer and within seven days in winter.

The Burial of the Dead, 1742

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  • [Ordinance by the States of Gelderland regulating the burial of the dead, issued on 16 April, 1742].

    No title-page; incipit: De Staaten des furstendoms Gelre, graafschaps Zutphen...

    Colophon: Arnhem, printed by the Widow of Hendrik de Goor, 1742. 

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