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First and only edition. The book contains a map of the main Nazi concentration camps and a short introduction, followed by 28 pages of harrowing photographs of Nazi atrocities at the Buchenwald, Langenstein, Mauthausen, Dachau and Schwabmünchen concentration camps, most of the photographs being from Bergen Belsen.


The editor was important photographer Willem van de Poll (1895-1970), who in 1945 accompanied Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld on a trip through the liberated Netherlands. In 1952 he published a book on Israel, Daybreak for a nation.


The powerful cover design is by Bernard (Ben) Mohr (1910-1984), a prolific artist and illustrator, who designed many covers and dust jackets for Dutch publishers such as A.W. Sijthoff and A.W. Bruna & Zoon. Together with Carel Vorstelman he ran an advertising agency in Amsterdam.


This copy comes from the library of the Jewish entrepreneur Hugo Schloss (1879-1979) and has his owner's stamp on the first page: "Hugo Schloss / Willem Kesstraat 7/ IV / Amsterdam-Zuid (9) /. Tel. 72 01 68". Until 1943 Schloss lived with his wife and two children at Vondelstraat 67 in Amsterdam.


In 1942 he was forced to sell his business to Kurt Stöckermann, and in 1943 the family had to go into hiding. Schloss survived the war, but when he returned to Vondelstraat after the war, he found the house empty. Apparently the family later moved to Willem Kesstraat 7/ IV, Amsterdam.

Photos documenting Nazi atrocities, from the library of a survivor of the Shoah

€ 100,00Price
  • Willem van de Poll (editor).

    Nazi hel.

    Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf, [1945].

  • [32] pp. Oblong (24,5 x 18,9 cm). Spiral-bound. In very good condition. Back cover with a small stain. The first page with an owner’s stamp and a newspaper clipping (apparently from 15 December 1945) on the Nuremberg trials.

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