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A broadside announcing a Grand State Lottery in Providence, Rhode Island (October 14, 1825), listing 12,120 prizes (and 22,100 blanks), amounting to $111,215, with the highest prize being $25,000. Together with an original, matching quarter ticket (6,8 x 16,4 cm).


Although lotteries existed earlier in Rhode Island, the first recorded lottery took place in 1744. With no banks to lend money, lotteries played a significant socio-economic role, often providing revenue for public works. Lotteries prospered for a century, producing huge profits for lottery management companies, ticket agents, newspapers and town governments.


However, the many irregularities that flawed the lotteries (grand prizes were seldom drawn) resulted in growing criticism in the 1830's, which would eventually lead to the demise of the lotteries in 1846.


The lottery advertised in the present broadside isn't listed in DeSimone's List of Rhode Island Lotteries (18th and 19th Centuries).

A broadside announcing a Grand State Lottery in Providence, 1825, with a ticket

€ 550,00Price
  • By authority of the State of Rhode-Island. Under the superintendence of managers appointed by law. Grand State Lottery, (For the Encouragement of Domestic Industry) Third Class-New Series, wil positively be drawn in Providence, on the 14th of October next.

    Providence, S. & M. Allen & Co., August 6, 1825. 

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