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First edition of a lovely illustrated children's book.


In the 1860s, the Deventer publisher Adriaan Tjaden introduced a new type of children's book: textured books. The earliest was Lina, het vermiste kind. The book contains six hand-coloured lithographs, with the main characters dressed in real fabric. Several reprints of the book were published, but only the first edition contained fabric.


The narrative revolves around Lina, who was abducted by a fair owner when she was just three years old. Lina flourishes into a skilled vaulter under the fairground owner's guidance.


In ca. 1865 Tjaden published another book with similar illustrations: Rudolf en Susanna of beloonde ouderliefde. According to the cover, both books have been translated from English, but the source is as yet unknown.

With 6 hand-coloured plates with mounted pieces of fabric

€ 875,00Prijs
  • Lina, het vermiste kind. Naar het Engelsch. Met platen.

    Deventer, A. Tjaden, [1862].

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