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- Harold Pyott. Le plus petit homme du monde.


Harold Pyott (1887-1937), a Stockport native, was a well-known British sideshow performer. With a height of ca. 58 cm he was slightly smaller than the famous American Tom Thumb. His nicknames included “Tiny Tim”, “The English Midget” and “The Living Doll”.


- L’Homme le plus petit du monde vous souhaite une bonne année. Baron Paucci de Messine, 19 ans, 62 centimètres, 7 kilogrammes 800.


Baron Paucci, incorrectly advertised as “the smallest man on earth”, was apparently employed by Dreamland Circus Side Show at Coney Island.


- Nouveau cirque, 251, rue-St-Honore Galerie des Phénomènes, La Poupée Vivante.


- M. Bagonghy. Le plus petit ecuyer du monde. Age de 22 ans, son poids: 20 kilos.


- M. Bagonghy. Le plus petit ecuyer du monde. Age de 22 ans, son poids: 20 kilos.


- Andenken an Prinzessin Elisabeth.

Crease in the lower left hand corner.


Elisabeth performed in Friedrich Wilhelm (Willy) Siebold’s side show in Germany. She died in 1937.


- “Tom Pouce II” chez Bostock. Le plus petit adulte du monde.

Two creases in lower right and left hand corner.


- Chiquita. Bostock Hippodrome.

Used as a postcard. The front with annotation: “Souvenir du 1 Avril 1904”, sent to a “mademoiselle” in Paris. Crease in the upper right hand corner.


Her real name was Alize Espiridiona Cenda del Castillo (1869 – 1945), a singer and performer from Cuba. Cuban author Antonio Orlando Rodríguez wrote a novel about her.


- L’homme miniature, unique au monde entier.

The front with an annotation: “Souvenir d’une visite a Bosto[c]k Eugénie”.


- Minola (with blindstamp of “studio A. Pasta Torino”.

Circus side show performers: Set of 10 postcards of dwarfs

€ 150,00Price
  • [Circus - Freaks - Dwarfs]

    Set of 10 circus postcards showing dwarfs.

    France, Germany and Italy, early 20th century.

  • Overall well preserved, and all but one not used as a postcard.

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