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A rare type specimen issued by the "von Stern’sche Druckerei", the oldest printing house still in existence and continuously owned by the same family since the 17th century.


The specimen includes 23 pages with "Fraktur" typefaces, 21 pages with "Antiqua" fonts (all Didone faces), 20 pages with vignettes and ornaments, and several decorative faces.


The history of the "von Stern'sche Druckerei" goes back to 1614, when the brothers Johann and Heinrich Stern founded a publishing house, to which they later added a printing shop and even a typefoundry (which was sold in the 18th century). The brothers soon gained fame with their well-designed Bibles. Today the printing house is still led by the Stern family.


It's possible that the company issued other type specimens in its long history, but if so, they don't seem to have survived.

Rare type specimen by the oldest printing house still in existence

€ 1.250,00Price
  • Schrift-Probe der von Sternschen Buchdruckerei in Lüneburg. 

    Lüneburg, 1844.

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