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First and only issue of an extremely rare satirical magazine, edited by German artist Hansfritz Werner (1894 —1959), and sumptuously printed rectos only on Zerkallbütten.


It was presumably published in connection with the Dresden “Gauklerfest 11926”, which took place on 23 January 1926. It opens with portraits of the “Gauklerkönig”, followed by the program of the “Gauklerfest 11926”, and a satirical manifesto (the magazine was meant "... nicht für Spießbürger oder Jugendliche, wohl aber für solche, die in einer kulturlosen Zeit noch Anspruch auf Geist und Kultur machen wollen."). 


It further features satirical texts by a.o. Christian Janentzky (one of them titled “Stefan George im Himmel”), Adolf Kobitzsch, and Sergius Winkelmann, illustrated with work by important (Dresden) artists such as Hans Grundig, Otto Dix, Rolf Tillmann, Hans Spank, Erich. A. Bardon, Georg Wrba, and Otto Griebel.


“Gaukler” is a collective term for showmen and other entertainers who display their skills to the public on open streets, at markets, or festivals. It can refer to a variety of performing arts, including magicians, acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, jesters, actors, fire-eaters, etc. Dresden had a history of organising famous yearly “Gauklerfeste”.

Rare satirical magazine edited by German artist Hansfritz Werner

€ 750,00Price
  • Hansfritz Werner (ed.). 

    Der Quertritt. Eine Schrift für Freunde der Gaukler. Gegründet und herausgegeben von Hansfritz Werner. 1. Jahrgang, Heft 1 [= all published]. 

    Dresden, Oskar Laube, 1926.

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