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A rare report of the Institutum Judaicum, an institute established at the University of Halle in 1724 to prepare Protestant theologians for missionary work among Jews.


Stephan Schultz (1714-1776), the editor of this report, was trained at the institute and travelled widely in Europe and the Middle East to evangelize Jews and recruit others for the Jewish mission. In 1760 he became the second director of the Halle institute, which yearly issued a report on its activities.


The report is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to information on the institute, while the second (and largest) part features excerpts from travelogues of missionaries evangelizing among German and Danish Jews. These excerpts are quite detailed and include the names of Jews, as well as some information about libraries and other collections that the missionaries encounter, such as the famous library of Otto Thott (1703-1785).

Rare report on missionary work among (German) Jews

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  • Stephan Schultz (ed.).

    Fernere Nachricht von der zum Heil der Juden errichteten Anstalt, nebst den Auszügen aus den Tagebüchern der reisenden Mitarbeiter eilftes Stück.

    Halle, 1772. 

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