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Rare German edition of a popular novel, first published in French (1897) as Sale Juif!, exploring antisemitism in French society.


In 1889, eight years before Dollivet's novel was published, the Antisemitic League of France (Ligue antisémitique de France) was founded by Édouard Drumont, author of the infamous and bestselling anti-Semitic tract La France juive (1886), which argued for the exclusion of Jews from society. Drumont’s League organised riots and demonstrations, and many journalists voiced their vitriolic anti-Semitism in newspapers and magazines.


This set the stage for the Dreyfus Affair, which further spread hatred of Jews through French society. The Dreyfus Affair would drag on from 1894 to 1906, when Dreyfus was finally exonerated and reinstated in the French Army. The affair divided the Third French Republic, with Emile Zola, of course, famously defending Dreyfus.


Despite the title of Dollivet’s novel – “Sale Juif!” translates as “Dirty Jew!” – Dollivet too was among those who tried to counter anti-Semitism. It narrates the romance between a young Jewish doctor and a Christian girl. The families of the two lovers reject the relationship, so they end up marrying someone from the same background. But more importantly, it includes several interesting passages in which Jews are passionately defended against anti-Semitic attacks


The novel was reprinted in 1898 and translated into German and Dutch.

German edition of a novel countering anti-Semitic prejudices

€ 225,00Price
  • Louis Dollivet [ps. of Louis Lévi].

    Jude! — Autorisierte Uebersetzung des französischen "Sale Juif!". 

    Berlin, Siegfried Cronbach, 1899.

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