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Rare British fantasy anthology with five first printed stories and a lovely cover design by Philip Mendoza, who designed several covers for Pendulum and Scion Ltd. In the 1950s Mendoza developed into a comic artist, but today he’s chiefly remembered for his many posters featuring anthropomorphic mice.


The anthology includes a portrait and brief biography of the editor, Edward John Carnell (1912 – 1972), who would also edit the influential fantasy magazine New Worlds (advertised on the back wrapper); he was the first to publish a story by Terry Pratchett. The present anthology opens with a foreword by Carnell introducing the reader to “fantasy fiction”. 


It includes the following stories:


H.S.W. Chibbett, Jinn and Jitters

W.P. Cockcroft, You can be a ghost! 

H.S.W. Chibbett, Bottled spirit 

Alan Devereux, McGinty's imp 

H.S.W. Chibbett, See?

Early British fantasy anthology edited by John Carnell

€ 525,00Price
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