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Rare edition of a curious book with prophecies for the years 1269 to 2024.


The attribution to Thomas-Joseph Moult, supposedly a 13th-century astrologer and philosopher from Naples, is probably false. It appears to be based on a work from the 16th century, possibly even by Nostradamus. First published around 1740 it went through numerous editions, remaining in print until well into the 20th century.


The prophecies are divided into three "livres", each comprising 28 cycles, corresponding to the supposed orbit of the sun, as the author explains. And each prophecy is applicable to nine corresponding years, the earliest being 1269 and the latest 2024.


If the text is to believed, in 2022 the price of grain will drop, but the price of wine will rise (if only it predicted a drop of gas prices!).

Prophecies for the years 1269 to 2024

€ 495,00Price
  • Thomas-Joseph Moult.

    Propheties perpetuelles très-curieuses et très-certaines.

    Paris, Prault, 1741. 

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