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First edition of a report on the poverty and persecution of the Jews in Poland, impressively illustrated with avant-garde photomontages.


Meyer Sluyser (1901-1973) was a socialist Jewish journalist. He worked both for socialist radio station VARA and for the socialist newspaper Het Volk. For this newspaper he wrote a series of articles about Jews in Poland, which were later published in book form under the title Joden in Nood. When the Nazis occupied The Netherlands, Suyser fled with his family to England. Here he worked for 'Radio Oranje", trying to help the resistance fighters in the occupied Netherlands.


Lex Althoff (1904 -1943) was a journalist and resistance fighter. He was editor of the Dutch newspaper Het Volk, but resigned on July 20, 1940 because he refused to work for the Nazis. In the 1930s, he closely followed political developments in Germany and wrote several works warning his readers against the Nazis. Althoff was executed by firing squad on July 29, 1943.

The poverty and persecution of Jews in Poland with striking photomontages

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  • Meyer Sluyser & Lex Althoff (Photographer).

    Joden in nood.....! Een reportage. 

    Amsterdam, N. V. De Arbeiderspers, 1932.

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