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A collection of seven important and surprisingly rare volumes of the “Opsporingsregister”, each listing the names of up to 25.000(!) fugitives. Every police officer on duty was supposed to carry with him a copy of the directory and look up the name of every detainee.


The directory was issued by the “Recherchecentrale”, a Dutch division of the German "Fahndungs- und Erkennungsdienst". Dutch detectives were tasked with the detection of fugitives and the preparation of the monthly updated "Opsporingsregisters". There were two series: A and B. The first was devoted to national fugitives excluding southern border traffic, while series B was limited to border traffic and residence permits.


Of course, the directory include the names of many Jewish families, including Aardewerk, Ascher, Bachrach, Barend, Blok, Blumenthal, Cohen, Elias, Frank, van Gelderen, Hamburger, Israel(s), Kahn, de Leeuw, Minco, Moszkowicz, Nathans, Pels, Perlstein, Polak, Salomon(s), Samson, Schaap, Silbermann, Winter, Wolf, Zilverberg and many more.


The collection includes the following issues:


A Opsporingsregister (uitgezonderd signaleeringen betreffende het zuidelijke grensverkeer). 


1e jaargang, 1 juni 1943, no. 4. 450 pp.

1e jaargang, 1 november 1943, no. 9. 416 pp.

2e jaargang, 1 juli 1944, no. 7. 494 pp.

2e jaargang, 1 augustus 1944, no. 8. 498 pp.


B Opsporingsregister ten behoeve van het grensverkeer, waaronder alle verblijfsontzeggingen.


1e jaargang, 1 juni 1943, no. 4. 284 pp.

1e jaargang, 1 juli 1943, no. 5. 293 pp.

1e jaargang, 1 september 1943, no. 7. 324 pp.


Presumably, the directory was printed in relatively small numbers, which may explain its rarity: It appears to be missing from most institutions and libraries.

Very rare directory of wanted fugitives, 1943-1944

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  • [WW II].

    Opsporingsregisters van de Nederlandse Politie. Series A: uitgezonderd zuidelijk grensverkeer; Series B: zuidelijk grensverkeer. 

    [The Hague], Recherchecentrale, 1943-1944.

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