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Group of 5 brochures promoting the USSR and its famous space program, published on the occasion of the Expo 1958, Brussels. In French, English and German.


The Expo 1958 was the first World Expo of the post-Second World War era. For the Soviet Union it offered an excellent opportunity to showcase its impressive space program, which is beautifully detailed in the brochure Face au cosmos.


Sputnik 1, launched in October 1957, was the first artificial satellite to enter earth's orbit. It was of significant scientific and historical importance, triggering the Space Race. With the Sputnik 2, launched in November 1957, the Soviets went a step further: it was the first spacecraft to carry a living animal (dog Laika, which sadly died during the fourth orbit due to overheating).

Group of 5 brochures promoting the USSR and its famous space program

€ 275,00Price
  • 1. Pavillon de l'U.R.S.S. Guide. 29,1 x 11,1 cm (11,1 x 43,6 cm when folded out).

    2. Face au cosmos. 22 x 11 cm (57,2 x 42,8 cm).

    3. Such is Soviet democracy in action. 22,2 x 11,5 cm (56,4 x 43,5 cm when folded out).

    4. La voilà, notre grande maison. 22,7 x 11,7 cm (57 x 44,2 cm).

    5. Unser grosses Haus. 22,7 x 11,7 cm (57 x 44,2 cm). German version of the above.

  • Some small dog ears and small damages along the folds, but overall very well preserved.

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