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First Dutch edition of the first Mickey Mouse pop-up book, originally published in 1933 as The Pop-Up Mickey Mouse by Blue Ribbon Books.


The story is about Mickey taking care of some stranded circus animals. The book opens with a vibrant pop-up showing Mickey and Minnie standing in front of a big top, together with a dressed monkey and a clown. The second shows Mickey with his dog Pluto, and the third, finally, pictures Mickey and Minnie with a boat full of circus animals.


"These brightly colored, cheerful scenes brought the animated feel of the motion picture cartoons to children in their own homes" (Lee & Mandej). 


In the series "'Pieco' boeken" the Dutch publisher D.M.B. also published Miepsie Muis en het eendje. Both books were favorably reviewed by the Dutch newspaper Leidsch Dagblad on 29 November, 1938. The reviewer was particularly impressed by the lovely pop-up plates ("bijzondere opklapbare illustraties"). And so are we!

First Dutch edition of the first Mickey Mouse pop-up book

€ 375,00Price
  • Walt Disney.

    Micky[!] Muis in het circus.

    Amsterdam, D.M.B., [1938].

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