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Rare broadside, not found recorded, stipulating that in the Watergraafsmeer large dogs need to be chained up and small dogs need to wear a so-called "kneppel" to prevent them from killing sheep and lambs. (A "kneppel" was a wooden stick attached to the dog's neck that prevented it from running).

Broadside on loose dogs in the Watergraafsmeer

€ 150,00Price
  • Keure, op het vast leggen, en het loopen der Honden. [Amsterdam?], 1672. 

  • Broadside (42,5 x 26,5 cm). With a woodcut coat-of-arms of the Watergraafsmeer. Browned, horizontal fold, one repair at the back, remnants of a strip of paper, and a contemporary annotation: "No. 27 Op het vastleggen & laten lopen der honden".

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