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A broadside announcing the first visit of King William I to Amsterdam on 17 March 1815 to celebrate his proclamation as King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.


In November 1813 William had returned from exile; in December he was offered the title of King, which he refused, preferring instead "Sovereign Prince of the Netherlands". However, when Napoleon escaped from Elba, he felt threatened, and on 16 March 1815 he proclaimed the Netherlands a Kingdom. The next day he visited Amsterdam.


The King arrived in the afternoon, saluted with 101 canon shots. He paraded the city, starting at the Haarlemmerpoort and ending at the Dam Square. According to the broadside the Amsterdam citizens had decorated the canals, streets, squares and houses. Carriages were forbidden along the route to avoid them blocking the parade, as was climbing trees along the canals.


In the evening the city was illuminated, festively marking the beginning of the Dutch monarchy under the House of Orange-Nassau.

Broadside announcing the first visit of King William I to Amsterdam

€ 275,00Prijs
  • Kennisgeving. De dag, waarop ons zoo lang geschokt staatsgebouw vast en duurzaam wordt gevestigd, waarop onze geliefde vorst eene waardigheid erlangt [...].

    Amsterdam, Stads-Drukkerij, 16 Maart 1815. 

  • Broadside (ca. 52,5 x 44 cm). Folded twice (horizontally and vertically). Tear along the horizontal fold with loss of a few words, edges slightly frayed, otherwise in good condition.

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