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Third and much enlarged edition of a collection of works on 'powder of sympathy', with many references to magnetism.


It includes Digby's famous Oratio de pulvere sympathetico, in which Digby explains how he was able to cure wounds by rubbing a weapon-salve on the weapon that inflected the wound rather than on the wound itself.


"The sympathetic powder, his special hobby, consisted, it is said, of nothing more than green vitriol, first dissolved in water and afterward recrystallized or calcined in the sun"(Garrison). This edition is expanded with material from Goclenius, Helmont, Fludd, Becker, Borelli, Kircher, Sennert and others.

A 1662 collection of works on 'powder of sympathy'

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  • Kenelm Digby et al.

    Theatrum Sympatheticum Auctum, exhibens Varios Authores. De Pulvere Sympathetico quidem [...] Editio novissima, correctior, auctior, multisq[ue] parasangis melior. Nürnberg,

    Johann Andreas Endter & Wolfgang, 1662. 

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