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Second edition of an influential work on forensic medicine (first published in 1689) by Johannes Bohn (1640-1666), a Leipzig anatomist and one of the founders of forensic medicine.


It "was of great importance at his time, and distinguished ante- and postmortem wounds and wounds deadly per se (per se seu absolute lethalia) from accidental factors (ca accidenc lethalia). He was in favour of complete medicolegal autopsies instead of wound inspection and described procedures to be followed" (Madea).

Second edition of a foundational work of forensic medicine

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  • Johannes Bohn.

    De renunciatione vulnerum seu vulnerum lethalium examen cui accesserunt dissertationes binae. De partu enecato et an quis vivus mortuusue acquis submersus, strangulatus aut vulnernatus fuerit.

    Leipzig, Thomas Fritsch, 1711. 

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