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The first part of a rare auction catalogue of Artaria & Co, famous Viennese music publishers and art dealers, listing engravings and etchings by old and modern masters.


The catalogue includes work by artists such as Aldegrever, Bartolozzi, Bega, Berghem, Dürer, Goltzius, Lucas van Leijden and many others. The auction took place on December 12, 1842, and the following days, at the premises of Artaria, 1151 Kohlmarkt, Vienna.

1842 Auction catalogue of Artaria & Compagnie

€ 275,00Prijs
  • Vente publique d'estampes à Vienne. Se composant d'une riche collection de gravures et d'eaux-fortes tant anciennes que modernes et contenant les maîtres: A - L.

    Vienna, Artaria & Compagnie, 1842. 

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